What do you get when you come to Care dental Cashmere for a check up

X rays :

We have our own digital x ray machines that are capable of taking ( intra oral )small x rays inside the mouth or an OPG ( full mouth ) x ray , that depends on many factors .
For example: if someone is 17-18 years old and at the stage where wisdom teeth need to be assessed or a patient that hasn’t been to the dentist in 10 years and have many dental issues then a full mouth x ray is necessary to reflect the overall situation.
While small x rays (taken by placing a sensor in the mouth) these puts the spotlight on one certain area of interest , like a suspected infected tooth that may need root canal treatment or for seeing if any dental caries (decay) is starting in between the teeth.
It must be noted that radiation safety is extremely important for us , X-rays will be taken only if indicated and their type and frequency will be considered based on each individual’s patient situation.

Intra oral pictures :

Using a small camera we take pictures of teeth, gums etc.
The pictures help show our patients the current situation, any issues or problems improving communication also act as a before pictures and help with record keeping.

Extra oral pictures :

When indicated for many reasons like: cosmetic dentistry as in assessment of crowded teeth, discoloured front teeth, to assess and plan different cosmetic dental treatments or after trauma to the mouth.
We also take extra oral pictures to monitor oral conditions overtime and communicate effectively with our patients and sometimes other specialists like oral surgeons, orthodontists etc.

Examining teeth :

We examine teeth for dental caries (decay)teeth wear and see if existing fillings/ crowns are of acceptable quality.

Examining the gums:

We see how healthy the gingiva (gums) are,
See if it is healthy and firm or showing sings of disease like bleeding / oozing pus.

Tempromandibular joint TMJ :

This is the joint where your lower  jaw connects with the rest of your skull and allows us to open and close our mouths.
So we are likely to check how much you can open your mouth , see if this opening is limited and if it is associated with any pain or clicking noises

Cancer check :

Oral cancer can appear in the shape of an ulcer or a mass , many times associated with a change in colour.
During your check you I will be looking to make sure if any of these changes are occurring and make sure they are assessed properly.

If we see any immediate dental issues :

We make a treatment plan that would involve cost , expected number of visits , give you the treatment plan codes to help you know much much your health fund is expected to pay (if you have private health fund cover)and how much you would be out of pocket .
We may also discuss payment plans if needed.

If no immediate treatment is needed :

We schedule regular examination and oral hygiene appointments usually on 6 monthly basis .

Oral hygiene treatment :

Many times we do the oral hygiene aspect in the same visit , scaling and polishing your teeth.

Fluorine gel application (when indicated):

Fluoride has few way it affects teeth but to simplify fluoride makes the teeth’s enamel harder so it is less likely to dissolve by acids produced by bacteria.
So the teeth would be more resistant to dental decay .

Oral hygiene advice :

We will give you tailored oral hygiene advice and what dental products to use to achieve optimum oral health for your particular needs.
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