What Causes Toothache? How Can You Manage One?

What Causes Toothache?

Toothache is one of the leading reasons why people visit the dentist. An ache in or around the teeth and jaw may be a sign of something more sinister and is definitely worth a visit to the dentist. However, there are also coping mechanisms you may employ at home to help assist with the pain. In this blog post we outline what causes a toothache, how you can manage one at home and common toothache treatments.

Symptoms of a Toothache

A toothache may be characterized by:

  • Short, sharp pain with hot or cold sensations that only lasts a few seconds.
  • Short, sharp pain with hot or cold sensations that lasts for a while.
  • Throbbing pain.
  • Swelling next to a tooth.
  • Short, sharp pain only when biting.
  • Pain on biting as well as at other times.
  • Pain when opening your mouth or limited opening.
  • Pain in your ear in the morning or after eating.
  • Tooth ache during a cold or flu.

These problems are all symptomatic of damage to your teeth and, in some cases, damage to gums. Damage can range from faded enamel causing extra sensitivity to an infected, dying or dead tooth. In any case, your local Cashmere dentist will be able to help with a toothache. Regardless of the severity of the condition, we understand that it’s unpleasant to deal with and will offer a solution.

Toothache Solutions

A toothache is always a reason to visit the dentist. However, in the current climate, your dentist may be busy or booked for a day or two. If this is the case, you may employ the following solutions at home to reduce pain and potentially handle inflammation or minor infection.

A salt water rinse can be used to remove debris from in between teeth. Salt also has anti inflammatory properties too so the rinse may reduce inflammation or minor infection in the gums and teeth.

A cold compress may be used to relieve any pain you’re experiencing, especially if trauma has caused the toothache, for example, playing sports. When you apply a cold compress it causes the blood vessels in the area to constrict, reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

Toothache Treatments

Depending on the severity of your toothache, a unique treatment will be needed. Short, sharp pain with temperature can be treated with sensitive toothpaste if it’s related to increased tooth sensitivity. Throbbing pain or swelling next to a tooth or in the jaw, resulting from infected gums or wisdom teeth can be treated in most cases with antibiotics. If a tooth has cracked or is dying, this can cause pain when biting and will require a root canal and crown and sometimes extraction. A dead tooth will require extraction.

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