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Your smile is an important asset, and you deserve to be able to show off your pearly whites with confidence. It is perfectly natural for our teeth to become discoloured due to environmental or dietary factors, but if you would like to obtain a younger and more youthful smile then you may wish to speak to your dentist about professional teeth whitening. In this blog post, Care Dental Cashmere will be highlighting the options available to you and the many benefits they provide.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

We all deserve to treat ourselves now and then, and the benefits of teeth whitening extend far beyond appearance. Here are a few reasons why teeth whitening is a great choice for anyone:

  • Instantly Transform Your Appearance and Boost Confidence
  • Cost Effective and Easy to DIY
  • Non-Invasive and Completely Safe
  • Motivating Factor to Improve Oral Health – once you see the amazing results, you’ll be motivated to take better care of your teeth.
  • Tailored for you – custom trays will be made within a dental laboratory for a secure fit and optimal comfort.

Teeth Whitening Cashmere– Your Local Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists

At Care Dental Cashmere we are pleased to provide two options for teeth whitening. Patients can choose between in-chair teeth whitening treatment and custom made at-home teeth whitening kits.

In-chair whitening is ideal for patients who wish to achieve the best possible results within a short timeframe. Within a single 1 hour visit, your teeth could appear up to eight shades whiter. In-chair whitening is also very effective at penetrating the enamel of your tooth, helping to lift deep-seated stains.

At-home teeth whitening kits are perfect for patients who are concerned about their sensitive teeth, or who are looking to gradually improve the shade of their teeth over time. Bleaching trays are custom made within a dental laboratory, and we supply comprehensive usage instructions. The gel is not as strong as the bleach used during in-chair whitening, but it will be used over a longer time frame. This allows you to stop using the kit once your desired shade has been achieved.

You will start to notice positive results within about two-weeks. Remember, your kit can be reused. If you require additional gel, just ask your dentist at your next appointment.


What about Off-the-shelf kits?

There are no shortage of teeth whitening options available on the market today, and you’ve probably seen countless advertisements for off the shelf kits which you can pick up from your local supermarket. Whilst the convenience offered by such kits is attractive, you are unlikely to get the same results as a tailor-made kit put together by a professional dentist.

Off the shelf kits often prove to be false economy, with marketing hype far outweighing any real-world benefits. They usually involve the use of inferior whitening strips or blue-light activated gel, neither of which are likely to deliver any drastic difference in shade.

Before falling for the take home kits, we recommend coming in for a consultation. Our friendly and professional dentists are pleased to provide both in-office and custom-made take-home kits which can be used at home. This way you can be assured your expectations will be met, with results being both effective and long lasting.


Enjoy Brighter, Whiter Teeth Today – Contact Care Dental Cashmere

Bring back your youthful smile once again, call Care Dental Cashmere today on (07) 3882 6666 today to book a consultation or check-up. We are the experts in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening in Cashmere, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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