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From humble beginning over 15 years ago, Care Dental Cashmere has succeeded in providing quality general and cosmetic dentistry to the surrounding regions of their boutique dental clinic. As a local dentist in the Strathpine area, we are proud to cater to all patients, from the young to the elderly, and specialise in helping those with dental anxiety feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome. We are a small team of qualified dentists supported by our professional, hard-working hygienists who strive to make your Strathpine dental treatment a breeze.

Our goal is to understand your cosmetic desires as well as your long-term oral health goals and to set aside emergency dental appointments each day for those unexpected toothaches. Our dental services aim to prevent dental trouble for you and your family.

Since our establishment, we have watched our client base grow and our business expand. We have introduced new staff members, incorporated new dental treatments and invested in state of the art dental technology. All of this and more is how we built a reputation as a leading Strathpine dental clinic that is committed to quality care, affordable costs and excellent communication.

Dental Emergencies Strathpine

A hole in their tooth is rarely a planned venture. This means, they we can never be prepared for situations where emergency dental treatment is vital. From a chipped tooth to an impacted wisdom tooth, Care Dental Cashmere should be your number one choice for emergency dental near Strathpine. We have emergency appointments set aside each day to care for the unsuspecting and, frankly, unwelcome toothaches and other dental care.

General Strathpine Dentist

General dentistry covers all the things you visit your dentist for on the regular including your scale and clean and simple check up to see how your dental health is fairing. In our general dentistry appointments, we will inspect your teeth and gums to assess the state of your teeth and recommend further treatment or extra care routines you could put in place to prevent further damage.

We strive to provide affordable prices without compromising on the quality of our services and offer several payment options to ease the stress of paying a dental fee out of pocket if any immediate issues should arrive in your appointment. We recommend you check your child dental benefits schedule and invest in a regular dental check where possible.

Teeth Cleaning
Dental Room

Strathpine Cosmetic Dentistry

At your local Strathpine cosmetic dentist, we can help you fix your smile to the standard you want it to be. We offer zoom whitening services and other teeth whitening products at our Strathpine dental centre too.

Our dentist near Strathpine are proud to be a local source for helping you improve your smile and feel comfortable showing your cheesy grin in a photo. From white fillings and root canals to tooth removal, crowns and bridges, we are happy to lend a hand in any way we can! To provide our patients with the best possible outcomes of your long-term oral health, we will provide solutions tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

To make your experience with us as simple as possible, we have integrated different payment options to ensure you receive the treatment you need, when you need it. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on our range of services and trust that you can get a step closer to improving your oral health. Feel free to call with any questions regarding making payment using your health fund.

Whether you’re looking to get some advice or a scale and clean, our compassionate and caring staff can help repair or brighten your smile. Call us today on (07) 3882 6666 to find out more or to receive a free, no obligation quote.

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