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We never know when a toothache or another dental emergency is going to occur. At Care Dental Cashmere, we understand the importance of receiving immediate medical attention. When it comes to dental emergencies that occur outside business hours, we put your health first.

We are fully equipped and prepared to help you during your time of need. We set aside time slots each day for these emergency dental situations. You can trust us to be your preferred emergency dentist in North Brisbane.

We are a family friendly emergency Warner dentist. We service surrounding suburbs of Strathpine, Bray Park, Joyner, Cashmere, Petrie, Eatons Hill and more. For more information on our service, call us on 07 3882 6666 or for a quick quote, please email We are one of a few weekend dentists in Brisbane that continue to operate 365 days all year round.

24 Hour Dentist Brisbane Northside

No matter the dental issue you are facing, our experienced and qualified team of family dentists and dental hygienists can help. With over a decade of experience, our team at Care Dental Cashmere are prepared for all dental emergencies. We set aside specified times each day for Warner emergency dental appointments.

We can not stress enough how essential timeliness is in saving a tooth from being removed or decaying. For all emergency chips or cracks repair, or tooth extraction, contact our Sunday dentist, contact us for permanent tooth treatment.

Even at the slightest sign of a discomfort in your mouth or a toothache, we recommend getting in touch. Book a 24 hour dental appointment to avoid further harm in the future. If something requires immediate attention, act quickly. You may be able to save the tooth and ensure the condition does not escalate further.

Even after your dental emergency is over, we can continue to help with a range of other dental surgeries. We can do everything from teeth whitening to veneers and dentures, children’s dentistry to dental implants and wisdom teeth removal!

Emergency Dentist in Brisbane

Dental emergencies refer to any accidents involving your teeth or mouth such as a toothache, bleeding, infections and swelling. If you are suffering from any of these pains or symptoms, call your Warner emergency dentist today and book an appointment. Prevent further decay, nerve damage, abscesses, and the spreading of the infection into the body.

At Care Dental Cashmere, we know that children are more prone to accidents. We understand that this may require emergency dental treatment. We know that surgical or invasive procedures carry risks. However, our dental professionals are more than equipped to deal with your problem.

Although their teeth are not yet permanent, damage to their ‘baby teeth’ may affect the growth of their ‘adult teeth’. This can cause other oral health issues in the future. As such, we strongly recommend bringing your child to the dentist if they mention toothaches.

Additional emergency dental services include:

  • Toothache or dental pain
  • Lost filling, dental crown, inlay or onlay
  • Dental abscess
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Soft tissue injuries in the mouth
  • Broken dentures
  • A broken tooth or fractured teeth
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Teeth Cleaning

We are equipped with the knowledge and skills required of an emergency dentist. We provide immediate dental care and solutions to your oral health complications. For enquiries in regard to:

  • The availability of our emergency dental care,
  • What classifies as a dental emergency (not cosmetic dentistry)
  • and the procedures being offered by our clinic,

please call our Warner Lakes dental administration team on (07) 3882 6666.

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