Over the years we have come across many patients that feel apprehensive about dental visits.

One thing you can rely on is that we will listen, we will allow the time to understand what exactly triggers a negative response with each particular patient, and will do all we possibly can to avoid those triggers.

Many people fear the Dental needle, but here at Care Dental this is a thing from the past. Instead we invested in new technology called the STA machine. This places a local anaesthetic with minimal (if any) discomfort together with the standard application of numbing gel for the comfort of our patients before any significant procedures. We also can provide nitrous oxide (happy gas) sedation as well.

However, it needs to be said, you should never put off getting your teeth fixed due to fear of the dentist’s chair. We have seen the results of procrastination time and time again where what might have originally have been a relatively simple filling or clean has become a much more intense (and expensive!) procedure such as root canal therapy.

If you’re afraid of the dentist, better to have regular checkups!

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