Mouthguards: Why Dentist Recommended are better than Chemist Bought

From sport to sleep, mouthguards protect not only our teeth but our gums, jaw, cheeks and tongue. Preventing over 200,000 dental injuries in sport and reducing the impact of gnawing and clenching during sleep, mouthguards are strong enough to keep teeth in place but flexible enough to allow one to talk and breathe normally. They fit snuggly over your teeth and gums, with specially made mouthguards that will even cover your braces.

So, now that we’ve established what they can do, how about we look at some of the available brands and see how they compare.

Chemist Mouthguards
Buying a chemist mouthguard may seem like the easier, cheaper option, but will it provide you with the results you want? Stock mouthguards bought from the chemist or your local store come in several sizes but are not designed to fit snug to your teeth which may cause some discomfort. When the mouthguard does not fit securely over your teeth, it will not provide as much protection and can make talking and breathing more difficult while it is in.

Another chemist mouthguard option is the boil and bite device where you place the mouthguard in boiling water to soften it and then fit it over your teeth. Seems simple right? But how do you avoid burning your lips, tongue and gums as you insert the mouthguard? And what about when it turns solid it again, won’t it just go back to it’s original size? What may seem simple and effective can turn out to be useless and a waste of money. This is why we recommend using a dental mouthguard.

A chemist mouthguard will often rub the gums and lips, causing ulcers and other painful damage to the inside of the mouth. This is because the material used isn’t as smooth as that used by dental clinics in the manufacture of mouthguards. This is yet another reason why we recommend dental moutguards.

Dental Mouthguards
Designed to suit your needs and requirements, custom mouthguards are made specifically for you by your dentist. By creating an impression of your teeth, a device will be fashioned to perfectly fit your mouth, teeth and gums. Made of different material compared to chemist mouthguards, dental custom mouthguards provide more protection and thickness that can be fitted to your upper and lower teeth as well over braces. Although pricier than chemist or store bought mouthguards, dental mouthguards provide the best protection against injury and will prove to be better value for money when you don’t have to invest in hefty dental work in the future.

Caring For Your Mouthguard
It’s imperative that you clean your mouthguard before and after each use – a rinse under cool water and a quick brush with a soft toothbrush and paste after removing the device is strongly recommended. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before storing in a container that allows air to circulate. If you’ve received your mouthguard from the dentist, they will likely provide an appropriate storage box for you. Keep this container and your mouthguard away from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) as well as direct sunlight to prevent warping or cracking.

Always brush your teeth before using a mouthguard to ensure it does not trap bacteria and food particles against your teeth.

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