Discount on Clear Correct Treatment During November

For a limited time only this Spring, Care Dental Cashmere is offering a promotion to patients who need Clear Correct teeth aligners. We aim to always provide an affordable dental service and will thus be running this promotion throughout the month of November. During the promotion, customers will be able to secure a full ClearCorrect treatment for $4999. This package includes: an initial consultation and clean, radio graphs if clinically required, Clear Correct treatment, final retainer and a home bleaching kit. Call Care Dental Cashmere today if you’re interested in achieving a perfect smile with Clear Correct.

What Is Clear Correct Aligner Treatment?

Clear correct is a transparent orthodontic device that straightens teeth. They are invisible braces similar in function to traditional braces, only more aesthetic and less painful. A retainer is worn on the upper and lower teeth and applies pressure to the teeth at specific angles. Over time, the tissue in the gums softens, the pressure moves teeth and the gum tissues become hard again, cementing the teeth in their new, optimised position. The technology is relatively new, but has been shown time and time again since its conception to correct smiles and deliver great benefits for patients.

Clear Correct Vs Traditional Metal Braces

A lot of patients prefer ClearCorrect to correct malocclusions. The benefits are manifold, and include:

  • Transparent, visually unnoticeable treatments.
  • No dietary restrictions are placed on patients who use Clear Correct.
  • There are no obstructions to flossing or brushing with the treatment.
  • It offers controlled, single tooth movement rather than an overarching approach.
  • Remote monitoring options are available alongside the treatment.
  • Less gum pain resulting from obtrusive metal brackets.

How Does Clear Correct Treatment Work?

During an initial consultation, the dentist will take a series of three dimensional images of the mouth, focusing on the teeth. These scans are fed into a computer. The dentist will calculate precisely where pressure needs to be applied in the mouth to achieve straighter teeth. The dentist will then use software to produce a 3D image of the Clear Correct retainer. The retainers will be manufactured and shipped to the dentist for use by the patient.

Dentists will regularly require follow up scans during the treatment period in order to make sure teeth are perfectly aligned for the long term. Multiple sets of aligners will be prescribed depending on the severity of the condition. The number of total sessions will depend on the condition of the patient’s teeth – how crooked they are. The total length of time required for this orthodontic treatment will also vary according to the patient’s condition. Treatment times can last anywhere from 12 months to four years.

Clear Correct aligners can be removed to maintain oral hygiene when eating and brushing and flossing the teeth. Patients can remove aligners themselves without assistance from a dentist.

Clear Correct Prices

To perfect a smile with Clear Correct treatment setup usually costs $5,500-$8,000, depending on the number of retainers and sessions needed. For a limited time only, however, we are offering the Clear Correct treatment option for the low, low price of $4,999. This offer includes unlimited treatments according to long term adjustment needs. Contact us at our dental clinic in Cashmere, Brisbane QLD today to ask about the promotion.

Our friendly staff will be happy to make a booking for you so you can begin the process of visiting the dentist and achieving the smile you have always wanted. You won’t need a promo code to take advantage of this offer, simply mention this ad to your dentist and he or she will bill you accordingly. We are open for business 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, (late on Thursdays) and until noon on Saturday. Call us on 61738826666 to make an appointment for your next treatment today.

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