All On 4 Implants Offers Silver Lining To Tooth Rot Patients

Patients who have suffered serious tooth decay, tooth rot or other oral health condition that requires replacement teeth need not fear about the quality of their smile. The All on 4 treatment offers a silver lining to patients who need to replenish their smile. 

The All on 4 treatment involves implant dentistry: placement of a full set of artificial teeth to replace those that have been damaged or removed. Any remaining teeth can be complemented with an All-on-4 treatment. At Care Dental Cashmere we offer a full All-on-4 service to any patients, new or old, that need a better smile.

The All-on-4 treatment allows you to replace your dentures in one fell swoop, without having to wait out the lengthy periods required to place conventional implants. The All-on-4 implants include an entire row of teeth fixed to the top and bottom jaws. The implants are anchored by four titanium implants that support a denture with 10-14 teeth. The implants do not require a surgically invasive procedure, and there are no long term detriments to the treatment.

Patients who seek out treatment via All on 4 practice will be able to converse, chew and swallow just as easily as with natural teeth immediately following implant placement. What’s better is that the treatment is placed immediately during a patient’s initial consultation – patients can experience a healthy smile after only three visits to their local dentist. The teeth look and feel completely natural and are easy to maintain with regular brushing.

How Do All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedures Work?

Both all-on-4 and traditional dental implants involve surgically placing implants into your jaw bone. The contrast between All-on-4 and regular dental implants is the number of implants that are needed. 

Replacing an entire mouth full of teeth with dental implants might involve jaw bone grafting and many months of healing before your mouth would be ready for the crowns or dentures. With all-on-4, the healing time is much more rapid as there are only four implants and you will have temporary dentures (initial teeth) installed before your permanent dentures are ready for action.

There are three stages for placing All-on-4 implants.

  1. Surgically placing the implants
  2. Placement of initial teeth
  3. Placement of final teeth after healing period

Three sessions with the dentist are needed because the gums tend to realign themselves after implants and initial teeth are placed. Some adjustment on the part of patients is needed to get used to biting and chewing with the implants on. The fit and function of the bridge needs to be considered over a short period too. Any changes required can be implemented to the final teeth.

After the implants are placed, they will adhere to the jawbone via osseointegration. An acrylic bridge is recommended over a zirconium bridge because it is more forgiving on a patient’s mouth.

How Much Does All On 4 Cost?

Dental implant costs will vary depending on the number of artificial teeth that need to be attached to the prosthesis. The material used will also alter the price of the treatment. Implants generally cost between $23,000 and $27,000 per fixed arch. This price includes the first consultation, any procedures before surgery, the fitting of an acrylic denture, the post treatment reviews and x-rays.

At Care Dental Cashmere’s dental practice, we provide patients with the option to pay for their All-on-4 implant with an All on 4 payment plan. With regular payments you can alleviate the out of pocket expense of treatment. We make this payment option available because we understand our patients all work within an individual budget and because we want to provide the best dental care possible for an as affordable price as is possible.

What Are The Benefits Of All-On-4?

  • Implant dentistry is an excellent dental solution for missing teeth. The benefits of all-on-4 implants include:
  • Shorter installation time than other dental implants
  • Treatment all done in one day
  • Less invasive procedure
  • Prevents future bone loss
  • Full arch restoration
  • Improved oral health
  • Strong natural bite
  • Enhanced confidence

Where Can I Buy All-on-4 Implants?

Care Dental Cashmere can manufacture and supply all All-on-4 dental implants for any patient who comes to see us. We have over a decade of experience placing implants and dentures and only use high quality equipment and materials during provision of treatment. We’re open for business Monday to Friday, 9:00-5:00PM (8:00-5:00pm on Fridays), call us on (07) 3882 6666 to schedule your first appointment. Before you know it, you will be on the road to achieving that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

We also perform general dentistry, paediatric dentistry and all cosmetic dentistry. If you’re suffering from tooth or gum disease, need implants or bone grafting, veneers or any other treatment, simply ring our clinic to discuss your options. You can email us 24 hours a day or call us during the hours listed in the paragraph above. We won’t ask too many questions about your medical history, only those needed to ensure you can attain that perfect grin.

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